There's being disrespectful to the dead, and then there's trying to sell a picture of a dead rapper's penis to the paps.

While a number of Tupac Shakur's private possessions have been auctioned in recent times, one of his ex-girlfriends is either desperate for money or absolutely bonkers as she's attempting to flog a picture of the late rapper's private parts.

Apparently Shakur - who died in 1996 - had a habit of jokingly exposing himself to his friends, and at a party in 1990 his then-girlfriend threatened to take a picture if he didn't stop. Sure enough, the camera came out and the snap was taken, and here we are 21 years later.

The unnamed ex is auctioning the photo for $7,500 - but if it fails to meet the reserve, it'll go to the highest bidder.

It certainly gives new meaning to his song 'All Eyez On Me'.