The demise of the record store in the digital age is not a new development, with shops all over the world being forced to close their doors as much fans flock to Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.

However, it seemed like Amoeba Music on Los Angeles's Sunset Boulevard - which has been open since 2001 and has become a Mecca for music fans - would someone manage to stay the course where others have fallen. Unfortunately, that's not the case, as it's been revealed that the iconic record store, which is the world's largest independent music store, has been sold by the owner for a reported $34 million.

There is a light on the horizon, as it will remain open for 'several years', until their lease is up - but after that, there are already plans to develop a 'luxury tower' on the site.

Amoeba say that they're 'committed to staying in Hollywood', so fingers cross they find a premises big enough to house their mammoth music offerings for those of us who haven't yet had a chance to visit.

Their stores in San Francisco and Berkeley remain open.