Despite the less than stellar reviews which surrounded the release of the first One Direction movie 'This Is Us', filmmaker Morgan Spurlock has got the go-ahead to produce a sequel to the money-spinning documentary. The first flick, shot in 3D, gave viewers unprecedented access to the boyband and pulled in around €50 million in the global box office (and a lot more from DVD) but some critics suggested it was too sanitized and orchestrated by management to offer a true glimpse of what Harry, Niall and the rest of the lads are really like.

Spurlock, who famously shot the 'Supersize Me' documentary which saw him dine on nothing but fast food for a month, had previously put his name forward to make music documentaries about Justin Bieber and Katy Perry but was refused for both, will shoot One Direction as they embark on their 'Where We Are' world tour which began at the end of April and will take in three Croke Park dates later in May.

No word on a release date as of yet but you can bet your house on this sequel being a financial success - though they might have a bit of work to do to get on good terms with the notoriously hard to please film press. We wait with baited breath.

(Via DarkHorizons)