During Donald Trump's presidency, we were used to all kinds of celebrities and hangers-on appearing at the White House for a photo opp - from Kanye West to Kid Rock to Kim Kardashian.

Since Joe Biden took the reins, however, there has been a lot less showboating (so far, anyway) and the celebs that have been invited into the White House have largely been there for a reason.

Yesterday saw pop-star-of-the-moment Olivia Rodrigo make an appearance there to encourage young people to get the Covid vaccine.

The 18-year-old met Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci to film an ad that will promote vaccine uptake amongst young people - which has been slow in the US.

Rodrigo said that she was 'honoured and humbled' to be there.

Of course, Rodrigo's fanbase have now taken to calling her 'their' president... stranger things have happened. Give it another 40, 50 years, though.