Those pesky Gallaghers, they're just not happy unless they're feuding with someone. After fighting amongst themselves to the point of losing their drummer Zak Starkey, Noel's now gone and renewed his ongoing feud with Robbie Williams by recruiting his former drummer Chris Sharrock.

The feud between the Gallaghers and Robbie began famously in 2000 when Noel called Robbie "the fat dancer from Take That," to which he responded in kind by labelling Noel a "mean-spirited dwarf."  
Though this leg of the feud is hardly as amusing as past events, a soured told The Daily Mirror "This move is sure to infuriate Robbie." The source also suggested that Sharrock had had enough of sitting on the picket line as Robbie continues to protest against job cuts at EMI by withholding his latest album, which was originally due to be released in September.