With today's news that Liam Gallagher will be bringing Beady Eye to Ireland for a date in November, we thought it fitting to sit back and examine some of Liam's most infamous tirades from over the years.

Never one to stray too far from controversy, our Liam has had just about everyone in his crosshairs at one point or another - perhaps none more so than his brother Noel, Damon Albarn and Robbie Williams. While Liam and Noel's sibling rivalry ultimately ended with the split of Oasis, their near 20 years together in a band provided us with several dozen stories, quotes and incidents; rock n' roll excess at its absolute finest.

But it's not just Noel who gets the brunt, as you'll see below: it doesn't seem like anybody is immune to a Liam-lashing.

Liam on Florence + The Machine:

"I'm sure she's a nice girl, but she sounds like someone's stood on her fucking foot. I'm not having someone with ginger hair making music. I'm not going down that road."
-XFM, Feb 2010

Liam on Bono's African charity work:

"Play 'One', shut the fuck up about Africa."
-Telegraph, Feb 2007

Bono: A "wanker", according to Liam Gallagher

Liam on U2 studying live footage of their own gigs:

"Wankers. Haven't they got fuck-all better to do? I'd rather be out there getting pissed. I certainly wouldn't go back after a gig and analyse it."
-Sydney Evening Telegraph, June 2005

Liam on fashion:

"I'm not into the skinny look. These skinny things. That's what I'm here for, to fucking get rid of that shit. You know them shoes that just at you like a fucking snooker cue?! It's like, leave it out man! You got a license for them bastards, or what?"
-Interview, March 2009

Blur vs Oasis...on a five-a-side pitch

Liam on Blur's Damon Albarn

"What killed Britpop? The fucking fakest cuddle in my entire life, that's what fucking killed Britpop. Noel and Damon Albarn killed Britpop. Why? Because they though they invented it, that's why."
-NME, May 2013

Liam on Bloc Party:

"I really despise this new fucking disease of indie fucking shit, fucking student music, the likes of Bloc Party and all that fucking nonsense. They don't keep me awake at night, but it's just shite, and they can fucking have it mate."
-Esquire, March 2010

Mumford & Sons: 'fucking Amish people', according to Liam

Liam on Mumford & Sons:

"I'm sure they're all nice lads but that's not for me. They look like fucking Amish people. I need music to be a bit more sexy and played by people who look a bit fucking dangerous."
-ShortList, June 2011

Liam on Radiohead's 'The King of Limbs':

"I heard that fucking Radiohead record and I just go, 'What?!' I like to think that what we do, we do fucking well. Them writing a song about a fucking tree? Give me a fucking break! A thousand year old tree? Go fuck yourself!"
-TheQuietus, March 2011

'Tosser' Robbie Williams and Liam in happier times

Liam on Robbie Williams:

"He's a fucking drama queen. You make a crap album then want everyone to feel sorry for you. Tosser!"
-MTV, February 2007

Liam on Noel:

"We had a ding-dong in the airport and I think he started crying then. That was it - doesn't travel with me anymore..."


Words: John Balfe