You might imagine that someone like Noel Gallagher is able to hold his drink reasonably well, given the partying he did at the height of Britpop (and the fact that he is of Irish heritage, after all.)

However, one man who can apparently drink him under the table - and then function perfectly normally the following day - is none other than Bono.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds supported U2 on the European leg of their Joshua Tree tour, and it sounds like there were quite a few wild nights on the road.

One of them happened following U2's gig at Croke Park in July, as he explained during an interview on Absolute Radio.

“Let’s get to the hangovers on the tour with U2 - brutal,” he said. “A lot of people know it, but those guys... particularly Bono. We do the gig in Dublin and we go the after show. I’m staying at his house and we leave at half five in the morning. The next thing I remember is my phone going and I’m in this place I don’t know. It’s him on the phone, and he says ‘Oh you’re alive, where are you?’ and I was like ‘Well I’m supposed to be in your house, but I don’t recognise, where am I?’ I was in a guest house at the bottom of his garden right.”

He continued: "So he says ‘Oh you’re alive anyway, come on, everybody’s here waiting for you’ and I was kind of going ‘What for?’ He said ‘For the lunch I’m throwing in your honour, there’s 75 guests have arrived’. I said ‘I’ve only just got out of bed’. He said ‘Look the President of Ireland’s just arrived and you’re sitting next to him, so hurry up’. So I had to get showered, get up there ‘whey, ey’ and all that. The lunch started at three. Do you know what time it finished? Ten past four in the morning.”

The experience (and hangovers) proved so unbelievable that Noel even tried to 'escape' from the band's clutches.

"So the next day I wake up again in this guest house, and we’re flying to Paris for a gig the next night," he adds, "and I was to my tour manager going ‘Neil, you’ve got to get me out of this place. I can’t do it anymore’. He’s going ‘Right look, get your bags, I’ll pick you up at quarter to twelve’. I’m like ‘great’. As I’m kind of walking… I’ve got to say I was gonna do a runner, I mean I was in a mess.”

He said that he was then spotted by Bono “in his dressing gown, with two beers under this arm, eating scrambled eggs, listening to opera”.

“He was going ‘Where you going?’ I was like ‘Well I was gonna go to Paris for this gig’,” said Gallagher. ”He said ‘No stay here, come on a private jet’. So we get on the jet, more boozing. This is the part of the story that kills me. More boozing, we land in Paris. He says ‘Look, when the jet lands I’ve got to go off and do this thing, so I’ll see you at the hotel’. I’m like ‘Great’, thinking once he’s out of sight I’m going straight to rehab, this is too much for me.

"So he goes off, I get to the hotel, it takes me 20 minutes to find the remote control for the telly, another 10 minutes to order a club sandwich, with some guy who’s clearly neither French nor English on the other end of the phone. And as I was kind of sitting down I put on the telly and I’m flicking through, and there’s Bono doing a live press conference with the Prime Minister of France about Africa. And I know what we’ve been up to the previous three days and I’m going ‘He’s not real man’.”

“And the next night we do the gig in Paris. I’m sweating pure lager, and he gets up and sings like a 24 year old. And I’m like ‘I’ve had enough."