Noel Gallagher isn't exactly the most popular figure in music now, after his recent comments denouncing the wearing of masks and the seriousness of Covid-19.

Now, the former Oasis man has come under fire for ridiculous comments on women being sexualised in popular culture.

Speaking to The Daily Star, he said that he had been watching the MTV VMAs recently, more specifically Miley Cyrus's performance. "That god awful woman Miley Cyrus was on and she was doing some fucking shit," he said, "and even my nine-year-old [Sonny] said, ‘Why is the cameraman just filming her legs?’

“Women have been sexualised because of America,” he continued. "British culture would never sexualise a female. This has all come from America — that juvenile, jock, stupid fucking culture.”

Apart from clearly being incorrect - has he forgotten about the distinctly British tradition of Page 3 girls, for starters? - Gallagher's comments have been slammed as ignorant by many on social media.

See some of them below: