Last month, Noel Gallagher posted a rather excitable photo to his Instagram, of him chatting away to none other than Robert De Niro at a 'boozy lunch' that was more than likely held at Bono's house in the south of France.

Now, he's discussed the pair's meeting in an interview with The Daily Star, saying "I sat next to him and I’ve got to say he didn’t have a clue who I was. We had this lunch that started at one o’clock in the afternoon... and he left at about eight or nine. He was there for about eight hours.

“As he was leaving, he said, ‘Write down the name of that band again that you were in.’ “If I ever have the pleasure of meeting him again, he’ll just go, ‘I’ve never met this guy’.

It's hard to imagine Noel Gallagher losing his cool when meeting anyone, but it seems that De Niro turned him into a total fanboy. "We’re all huge fans of him and his films and I was bombarding him – stuff like how did you make Raging Bull, how did that come to be in the film and where do you get the inspiration for your parts? All that kind of thing – I have no idea what he said!”

“He did the De Niro face when he was slagging off Donald Trump. I nearly had a tear in my eye when he was doing it. The day after I was saying to Sara [his wife], ‘I think the only thing that could top that would be going on a bender with Jack Nicholson, that’s it really.”