Although they've had other great songs like 'Go With The Flow, 'Make It Wit Chu', 'Feel-Good Hit of the Summer' and 'Millionaire', the song that everyone knows from Queens of the Stone Age is easily 'No One Knows'.

Maybe it's the fact that it was basically on repeat from 2001 to 2006 on Kerrang! TV, is regularly played on rock radio, or it could just be that incredible drum break from Dave Grohl. Either way, it's always a hit and it's probably why this video of nine-year-old drummer Nandi Bushell has gone viral.

If you misread that last line, we'll say it again - this girl is nine years old and she's able to play the drums pretty damn well on QOTSA's 'No One Knows'. What were you doing when you were nine years old? We were falling out of trees that were six feet high and shoving GI Joe figures up our noses at nine years old.

The video posted to Twitter and YouTube, as mentioned, has gone viral and has been retweeted over 3,600 times in the space of a day and it's not hard to see why - she is really playing those drums and enjoying the ever-loving shit out of it as well.

Here's the original, just for posterity so you can see how close she got it.