Chic star Nile Rodgers has revealed that he was planning to work with George Michael in the near future before his death, and that the late star was planning a 'big comeback'.

Michael passed away on Christmas Day, and Rodgers - speaking at the BBC Worldwide showcase - said that he had been at his house just two days beforehand, as he was remixing one of his songs.

He also said that he had been waiting for a text from George Michael when news of his death came through.

"I was just working with George Michael. I was here on December 23, and I had come over to remix one of his songs, and while I was here working on the remix I was also doing a Chic concert that night," he said. "But then George Michael was doing a film, because he was planning a big comeback. So they had me come over to his house to shoot the film, and I still hadn't played the demo yet because I thought it was so cool and fairly drastic, I wanted to just play it for him first."

He added: "So I get a message from Michael, a text - 'So Nile let's talk tomorrow'...On Christmas Day, instead of getting a text I get an alert: 'George Michael found dead.'

"It was heart-breaking and he never got a chance to hear what I did, so now I'm ambivalent about the work because I wanted him to hear it, not the record company necessarily. Not that I have anything against them, it's just he was such a genius and he created and produced his own work."