Last week, a story broke about a Canadian police department warning that people arrested for DUI would be forced to listen to Nickelback as punishment when they're being brought to the station.

Well, it seems that the band are running out of patience about being the butt of the joke, and have responded angrily to the latest funny story at their expense.

According to TMZ, the band demanded that Kensington Police take down the Facebook post, which had gone viral in the past week. They say that a rep for the band was 'polite' in their request, but "made it clear Chad Kroeger and co. didn't like being the butt of the joke." The post has subsequently been removed.

Chad, pal - you should have just come up with a zinger instead, as you did when Royal Blood tried to rip the p*ss out of your band. At least you would have earned more respect...