Niall Horan recently released his second song as a solo artist - and seeing how the bluesy 'Slow Hands' was so well-received, it seems like plans for Niall Horan's debut album are coming along nicely.

The Irish pop star revealed further details of the album in a US radio interview with Carson Daly yesterday, telling him that it would be released “end of fall, start of winter, I guess". Autumn, Niall. Autumn is the word you're looking for there.

He also claimed that Fleetwood Mac were an influence during the writing process, saying: "There was a lot of 1D stuff I wrote that was along the lines of Fleetwood [Mac], stuff like that, and I hear myself in them songs now sometimes. But this time it's just completely me, so I get to do what I want when I want, really."

Later, he spoke about the musical activities of his former bandmates, "I know them all very well, and I know what music they're into, so when I hear what they're releasing, it's no shock to me," he said. "Me and Harry have similar taste, maybe his is a bit more rockier than mine, but it's great watching everyone do their own thing. It's brilliant."

Hear the full interview below:

Via Billboard