The marvellous man from Mullingar Niall Horan had a quick chat with us recently where we asked him about a shrine dedicated to him in one of his local hotels in County Westmeath.

In our Niall Horan interview, he breaks down his favourite 'Father Ted' episode, and talks of his never-ending struggle to find a decent pint of the black stuff across in The States.

Niall also tells us who he'd have been best friends with if he had attended Hogwarts - and that they might have mitched school together for a cheeky smoke with out the back of the band stand in Mullingar (shoutout to Rosie McCormack on Facebook for letting us in on this little secret).

We also asked him about his single 'No Judgement', taken from his second album 'Heartbreak Weather'.

Here's the tongue-in-cheek music video in case you missed it.

Niall Horan's new solo effort 'Heartbreak Weather' is available wherever you listen to your music now.