Northern Ireland's thriving rock scene may be getting more press these days, but the underground dance scene is just as vibrant. In celebration of this, the FFWD Programmes will be promoting ELECTRONIC - a double promotional compilation CD that highlights this creativity - to media and industry delegates at the world’s leading international club music conference, The Amsterdam Dance Event.

FFWD is a programme to accelerate the development of the music industry in Northern Ireland which is funded by the Department of Culture, Arts & Leisure, Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Invest Northern Ireland.

CD 1 features some of Northern Ireland's most successful artists, including The Japanese Popstars, Fergie, Phil Kieran and Simon Patterson and also provides a platform for emerging artists such as Sneijder, Mark Rogan and Kab Driver.

Meanwhile, CD2 features two great guest mixes by Psycatron and Space Dimension Controller. Both of these will be heading over to Amsterdam for live music events at ADE.

The full track list is below:

Disc 1

Fergie – Mad World
Jet Project – Cuba Walking
T Polar – Zero
Psycatron – Deeper Shades Of Black
Kab Driver – The Soup
Mark Rogan – Cops Have The Best Dope! Part 3
De-Twist – Tell Him
Loco & Jam – La Surco
The Japanese Popstars – Destroy (feat. Jon Spencer)
Sneijder – The Phuture
Phil Kieran – A Pure Tension
Simon Patterson – Taxis
Scope – Magic

Disc 2

Space Dimension Controller mix
Barry Lynn – Germano Facetti Penguin Designs
Space Dimension Controller – The Love Quadrant
De-Twist – Covered The Mist
Kab Driver – Garcon
Barry Lynn – Something With M In It
Filaria – Astral Braveneck
RL/VL – Inflatable Pool
Orange Melamine – West G Cafeteria

Psycatron mix
Montero – Follow Me (Reflective Dub)
Bubba – Drugs, Thugs and Hugs (Jet Project mix)
Miniminds – Arrowhead
Mark Rogan – Rhythmical Dawn
Fergie – Lightz Out
Psycatron – Sample and Hold