Indie rockers Vampire Weekend have let slip the date for their third album on Twitter. The band posted a message which simply reads: "LP3 complete. May 7th" The band's official website echoes a similar message.

Contra, the band's second LP, hit the shelves in 2010 and continued the momentum which was created by their self-titled debut which came out two years prior.

"Making every record is a process full of tough times", singer/guitarist Ezra Koenig told NME. "Invariably that's how it is for us. When we started to work a few days a week and really pick things up we immediately had maybe two or three songs that we thought were perfect for this record, a new vibe, quality songwriting. We felt great about them for two or three months, but then after a while you realise, 'OK, we have two or three great song and we need 11 or 12."