Following the release a couple of months ago of 'Rock and Roll Love Affair', Prince has continued his recent resurgance with more brand new material. The diminutive pop legend has released a brand new song 'Screw Driver' to the web and you can listen to it below.

The full song has now appeared online after a Twitter user by the name of @3rdeyegirl released abridged versions of the song to YouTube. It's not clear whether or not this Twitter account was part of a viral marketing campaign or just someone who got their hands on the song and released it to the web.

We'd assume the former though, Prince is notoriously protective of his music and evidence of this came from the Evening With Kevin Smith DVD, in which the filmmaker told a story of how he was hired by Prince to produce a documentary for the musician - only to find that Prince had no intention of releasing it and, in fact, had a vault of songs - even entire albums and fully-produced music videos - that he had worked on but never intended to release and instead sit idly in a vault somewhere in Prince's mansion.

Two other videos appear on the new Prince website, one a teaser for a live video of a concert in Montreux in 2009 and the third is an advertisement for a new album by Andy Allo, which was produced by his royal badness.

Thoughts on the new song, anyone? It's definitely got a charm to it, that's for sure...