The first gigs in a long time - as well as the first festival - have taken place on Irish soil in recent weeks.

While we were all waiting for that to happen, however, numerous music specials - like the Other Voices 'Courage' series and 'Ireland in Music' - kept us going through those long, lonely months.

Now, another one-off Irish music special will be broadcast on RTE next week.

It's called 'Subterranean Sessions - Songs From Beneath The Surface Of The Earth', and as the title suggests, it was filmed in the unique location of the Mitchelstown Cave in Cork.

Performers include Lisa Hannigan, Gavin James, Paul Noonan, Lyra, Talos, Eve Belle, Moncrieff and Roisin O.

It'll be hosted by Roisin O and Barry Murphy, who plays with Limerick band Hermitage Green.

Producer Shane Dunne said: "At the point this was recorded we as an industry hadn’t worked or seen our colleagues for months. While we are still very much in the worst impacted industry of the pandemic, recordings like this were such a special few days for artists and crew alike. It was a chance to feel normal, to feel valued and to see brilliant artists express themselves in a beautiful location. Now as we hopefully see green shoots and look to the future, it’s nice to look back to those dark December days in South Tipperary and believe this time, that some summer night we’ll see our friends again.

You can catch it on RTE2 next Thursday, July 15th at 10.30pm.