Here and I thought Bright Eyes was dead, passed over in favour of Conor Oberst solo albums and all-star side-projects like Monsters of Folk. Well, in truth, there are only four new Bright Eyes songs, recorded with Omaha indie-rock sorts Neva Dinova, and added onto a reissue of the collaborative six track EP originally released in 2004.

The Bright Eyes and Neva Dinova EP 'One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels' is to be reissued on Saddle Creek on March 23rd, and will feature four songs newly recorded by the two bands. Conor Oberst takes lead vocals on two, while Neva Dinova frontman Jake Bellow sings on the other two. This is the first release under the Bright Eyes moniker since 2007's Cassadaga, and will no doubt continue down the country-rock road that Oberst has become so fond of.

The updated tracklist is below. The first four songs are the new additions tagged on to the original 2004 list.
01 Rollerskating
02 Happy Accident
03 Someone's Love
04 I Know You
05 Tripped
06 Black Comedy
07 Poison
08 I'll Be Your Friend
09 Get Back
10 Spring Cleaning