Never shy from releasing music without any warning, new Beyonce albums just got leaked online.

Unfortunately, both Beyonce albums were pulled from Spotify and Apple Music quite quickly.

The two 10-tracks albums were called 'Have Your Way' and 'Back Up, Rewind' and were released under the pseudonym 'Queen Carter.'

Although they are indeed new albums - they didn't contain any new music. Both were collections of the singer's unreleased music that have already been doing the rounds on her own BeyHive website. The two albums contained tracks such as "Hey Goldmember," Twerk," and "Black Culture."

So, let's get this straight; someone leaked old Beyonce songs under a fake name, and managed to get everyone into a state of panic? Yep, sounds about right. We can't help but feel however, that maybe its all one big ploy. Maybe The Queen will be releasing new music soon; her self-titled album was released around Christmas that year without any warning...

Anyway, fans online were caught in a frenzy, that turned out to be one big false alarm. They haven't been shy on sharing what could have been.

Another artist, SZA, has also had her music leaked online under the name 'Sister Solana'. However, a statement was later released on Twitter to say that "old tracks were stolen and leaked."

Via Entertainment Tonight.