Ah, 2002. What a different time.

Everyone was loaded. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers was in cinemas. Ireland was coming to grips with using the Euro. In music, Nelly and Kelly Rowland's Dilemma was lighting up the charts and the music video was on repeat non-stop on MTV and VH1.

Even the thought of music channels gets us all kinds of nostalgic. Anyway, one key point in the video of Dilemma was when Kelly Rowland famously texted Nelly on her phone using Excel. As in Microsoft Excel, the world's most recognisable spreadsheet program.

Yeah, she tried to send a text in that and got angry when it didn't send.

Whilst in Australia in support of a new tour, Nelly was quizzed on the topic on panel show The Project. His answer? Diplomatic, to say the least. "That was the thing at the time. That was the new technology at the time," he laughed. "It looks a little dated now, I can see that."

Nelly, there's dated technology and then there's using a spreadsheet program as a form of communication. Come on, man.