Hey, we've all been there folks...

An unidentified music goer is counting his lucky stars this week after being discovered wandering naked in the woods days about the TomorrowWorld festival ended. Footage of the incident, shot by Atlanta-based hunter Casey Saunders, emerged today showing the disoriented gig-goer without a stitch of clothes and claiming he had been forcibly ejected from the show.

The man claims he was assaulted and stripped down, before being thrown into the woods where he wandered for four days licking water off leaves and eating rotten crab apples.

"Three guys, they beat the crap out of me," the man said. "They drug me out to the middle of nowhere, they stripped me down and they kicked me out."

Good Samaritan Saunders gave the naked man food and water before spending an hour ensuring the man's safety.

Speaking in the comments section of the video which he uploaded, Saunders said: "I wasn't so trusting to random stranger naked in the creek out in the middle of the woods who couldn't differ a dream from reality. I didn't exactly have a script in my head of this is what I will do when I find a naked man in a creek."

(via Digital Spy)