In the latest edition of our My Top Fives series, music journo Louise Bruton takes the reins and lets us in on exactly what scratched her musical itch this year. From Kanye to Miley and Beyonce, all manner of pop treats are present and accounted for in this delectable list - but do you agree? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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MY TOP FIVES - By Louise Bruton


Top Five Singles of 2013 


1. Lady Gaga ft. R. Kelly - 'Do What U Want'

Yes. Yes. YES. Two of the music industry's oddballs made the biggest jam of 2013. 'Do What U Want' pumps up the R&B and let's the insanity of each artist glimmer. I can listen to it 5 times in a row and still be left wanting more.


2. Kanye West - 'Bound 2'

His love song to Kim and his adoration of a kitchen sink, 'Bound 2' has our Ye showing sentiment in the best way he knows how. The video is mental but the song alone is a mix of dream pop and smut. No better man. 


3. Disclosure ft. Aluna George - 'White Noise'

'White Noise' was the dance floor anthem of 2013 and it unleashed the power of both Disclosure and AlunaGeorge unto is all. We will be forever grateful. 


4. Charli XCX - Superlove

If this is your first time to hear of Charli XCX then you are in for a treat. 'SuperLove' is just a snippet of the wonder that is this pop messiah. It's fun and young and can get anyone nodding their head along. 


5. Miley Cyrus - 'Wrecking Ball'

'Wrecking Ball' is the song that got everyone on earth talking about Miley Cyrus and when the discussion is turned away, we are left with a vulnerable girl with a massive voice taking us on her journey of heartbreak. It is honest and ballsy and this was the best thing she has ever done in her career.

Top Five Albums of 2013 


1. Beyoncé - Beyoncé

At the very last hurdle, Beyoncé came along and stunned the doubting Thomases by releasing the album of the year without any warning. She tackles sexism, feminism, love, sex and relationships in a stunning and forward-moving album with SEVENTEEN videos to boot. Fair play, you have raised the bar and everyone else should stay quiet until they can even compare. 


2. Sky Ferreira - Night Time, My Time

This was initially my favorite album of 2013 but Beyoncé managed to scupper that. Sky Ferreira is one of the smartest pop stars we have and her music takes us to depths that other mainstream music wouldn't dare touch. Night Time My Time is a very special album because it was released after years of fighting with her record label and she proved that there is no way in hell that you can keep a good thing hidden. 


3. Kanye West - Yeezus

If ever there was proof that Kanye West is more than just talk, Yeezus proves that. He has turned his back on the regular, radio-friendly hip hop and he has gone dirtier and more controversial than ever. This is probably the album that he has wanted to make for a long time and it is as stunning as it is mad. 


4. Charli XCX - True Romance

Charli XCX. This girl. She is an uncontrollable force and True Romance is chockablock with little gems of pop. Like Sky, she is wise beyond her years and her knack for hooking up a catchy verse with a explosive chorus is worthy of a Nobel Prize. 


5. Miley Cyrus - Bangerz

Love her or hate her, 2013 is the year that everyone formed an opinion on Miley Cyrus and thank God it wasn't just a load of cock and (wrecking) bull. Bangerz is her 'mature' album and even if she needs a bit more time to cop herself on, she has emerged from that Disney bubble and has won at creating bizarre and wonderful pop/R&B music for people who don't give a damn.