The Buzz - What the critics are saying about My Morning Jacket's Circuital

Some will dismiss Circuital because it falls short of the classic album that they know the band has in them. Others will simply be befuddled over the fact that it doesn't contain any extended guitar workouts. But why knock it for what it simply isn't or doesn't include when there's plenty here to admire? It's an album containing 10 diverse songs - all performed with near immaculate precision - that reward with repeat visits.

-Consequence of Sound

Like nearly all of their studio albums, Circuital may not reach the heights of the band's live show-- a good MMJ concert can recalibrate your gut, it can change you-- but it's a remarkably solid step for a band that's never stopped evolving.


Circuital is probably a necessary step after that strange thrust into foreign territory, a regrouping effort that serves as a reminder of My Morning Jacket's ever-present strengths.


Circuital isn't a bad album by any stretch, but in the context of My Morning Jacket's body of work, it sounds hopelessly unsure of itself, content to create lesser shadows of past greats. A distinct spirit? Always. Forging new ground? Only in the minds of marketing execs.


My Morning Jacket should be celebrated as a band that tirelessly deliver value for money - there's enough in here to keep you listening for months on end, and loving every minute of it.

-Clash Music

This is an album of justified restraint, where the band accomplishes their goal and really serves these songs well by not overindulging themselves on them. They add in a piece here and a piece there where it needs to, but they don't overdo it and make an album that really lets these songs build, grow and shine.

-DBF Music