As you may know, My Chemical Romance played two nights at Dublin's Royal Hospital, Kilmainham on Tuesday and Wednesday night this week.

By all accounts, the New Jersey pop-punk band were in flying form and frontman Gerard Way spent time talking to the audience in-between songs.

However, one item on his 'stage patter' agenda didn't quite go to plan with the Irish audience on Tuesday, although he was probably baffled as to why.

As captured by a fan on Twitter, the frontman is seen saying 'I don't give a shit anymore!', which the crowd responds positively to.

However, when he continues '... we could be playing for the Queen of England, and I will sing through sharts', the audience boos - and he looks very, very confused. He then goes to say something else, thinks better of it and moves on.

Watch it below:

UPDATE: Reader Polly Molotov has pointed out that he addressed the kerfuffle at last night's gig - see below: