In terms of music, 2018 has generally been a good one. We've enjoyed some joyous ups, and some painful downs, so let's take a look back at what went down as memorable music moments of 2018.

Musical Soundtracks

Movie soundtrack sales have absolutely rocketed this year. Ireland's two biggest album sales this year alone go to the soundtracks of 'The Greatest Showman' and 'A Star Is Born'. Featuring original songs written and performed by some of our favourite actors and singers has done wonders - and we can't get enough of them months later. No pressure, movie soundtracks of 2019, but you better be amazing.


Electric Picnic

EP 2018 saw over 300 acts play over the weekend in Stradbally, including The Prodigy, N.E.R.D, Kendrick Lamar, and a mass of other top acts. Dua Lipa's performance seemed to be one of people's most memorable music moments of 2018; she drew in the biggest crowd on Saturday. The acts for Electric Picnic 2019 haven't even been announced yet, but tickets sold out earlier this month after just 15 minutes. With an extra additional 2,500 tickets added to 2019's capacity, we just hope people manage to clean up after themselves next year.


Untimely Deaths

It's unfortunate, but as another year draws to a close, we must remember those artists that we've lost. Dolores O'Riordan, lead singer of The Cranberries, died in January this year; DJ Avicii (Tim Bergling) passed away in April; Aretha Franklin lost her life at the age of of 76 in August; and rapper Mac Miller died in September. All leaving behind them a legacy that will live on through their music.


50 Cent vs. Ja Rule

We had to put one celebrity beef on our list, and it was a close call. The Cardi B and Nicki Minaj drama of 2018 stole a lot of headlines this year, but for saltiest play - it has to go to 50 Cent. The rapper bought 200 front row seats to a Ja Rule concert so that it would appear no-one bothered to show up. Not only that, the even bigger sting in this tale is that 50 Cent bought the tickets via Groupon for $15 a pop. Quite the bargain, you have to admit.


Slane 2019 announcement

Were you surprised by the Metallica announcement? Did it get you itching for summer 2019 to roll around faster than Christmas has sprung up on us? At the time of writing, there were still tickets available for the June 8th show; which might have something to do with The Cure. Malahide Castle will host the 'Close To Me' rockers on the same day - meaning fans of both bands were in a pickle of which gig to head to.


Spice Girls

Sorry, are you saying "Spice Girl" or "Space Ghetto"? 2018 was the year that they finally announced a comeback tour - and ended up selling the whole thing out. Not a true comeback tour unfortunately, as only four of the girls are returning next year; Victoria Beckham has managed to steer clear of ever having to sing again (thankfully). Possibly the biggest news of the Spice Girls tour in Ireland however, is that scalpers have been selling tickets at least four times their sale price. Talk about SCARY prices... Am I right?


'Thank u, next'

The most-viewed video on YouTube within 24 hours. Sheeeeeesh. As the title track from her follow-up album to 'Sweetner,' Ariana Grande can do no wrong. It's been a turbulent year for the singer to say the least, but she deserves all of the great things that are sure to come her way in 2019.

What were your favourite music moments of 2018? Let us know if we missed your favourite in the comments.