Following his recent, thwarted collaboration with Danger Mouse and Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse, respected avant-garde film director David Lynch has taken on a new musical project.

Lynch recently contributed lyrics to a new seven-track album by Fox Bat Strategy, a collection of session musicians who previously contributed to Lynch's original Twin Peaks movie 'Fire Walk With Me.'

Entitled 'Fox Bat Strategy: A Tribute To Jaurequi', the album was mostly recorded during a 'creative spurt' in 1994, according to Pitchfork. Reportedly packed full of eerie, old-style songs to please fans of previous David Lynch soundtracks, the album is a dedication to Fox Bat Strategy singer and guitarist Jaurequi, who died in 2006.

For fans of David Lynch's soundtracks, New York anti-folk singer Thomas Truax recently released an album of 'Songs from the Films of David Lynch'.

'Fox Bat Strategy: A Tribute To Jaurequi' is due for release on June 30th.