One of our favourite Canadian bands, Mother Mother, are finally getting a European release for their excellent second album 'O My Heart'.

This album is one of the catchiest things around. Having come across it after its Canadian release in 2008, it took a good sixth months before I was able to take it off repeat. 'O My Heart' is due for release on May 28th.

The title track is also being released as a single on June 18th. The video is below, as is the one for previous single 'Hayloft'. The Vancouver-based band are over in the UK this week. They played Brighton's Great Escape festival at the weekend and will take to the stage in Liverpool tonight. With the European release imminent we're keeping our fingers crossed for an Irish date soon.

If you like them, you can also check out their self released 2007 debut 'Touch Up'. It's got a poppier flavour and some seriously messed up lyrics, but is equally infectious.