What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday the list of musical acts that had turned down the offer to play at Donald Trump's inauguration was getting increasingly longer to the point where even Charlotte Church had taken to Twitter to say that she wouldn't perform for a 'tyrant'

And now this evening Trump has almost got a full line up for the January 20th event. As we reported earlier, Bruce Springsteen tribute act, 'The B Street Band' have agreed to play the event. They've now been joined by rockers 3 Doors Down, American country star, Toby Keith, and singer Jennifer Holliday. 

Intriguingly, when 3 Doors Down took to Instagram to confirm their participation at the event, they also listed actor Jon Voight among the acts that would be performing. Voight of course caused a bit of a stir late last year when he came out in defense of Donald Trump in the wake of the scandal surrounding the "Trump Tapes." 

We imagine Voight won't be participating any further than saying a few kind words about Trump. He wouldn't actually sing. Would he?