He's one of the biggest rock stars on the planet, but even though he's approaching retirement age that doesn't mean Bono has lost any of his capacity to party.

Noel Gallagher has spoken about the U2 frontman's drinking ability in the past, revealing how he "nearly died" from a hangover after partying with Bono several years ago.

Now, Moby has confirmed that the Irish rock star "is a wonderful guy to drink with" in a new interview.

The DJ and electronica artist is promoting his new album 'Always Centered At Night' when he was reminiscing about his 1999 album 'Play' and its legacy.

When asked who was the best band to party with at the height of his success, he named heavy metal band Pantera and the U2 frontman as his top picks.

"During that time, I got drunk and did drugs with everyone! So the best were Pantera and Bono," he told NME. "Bono was a wonderful guy to drink with. He’s generous, kind, and fun. In 2002, I was trying to buy a fancy apartment and Bono wrote my co-op board application letter. Not kidding!"

Bono himself has revealed several amusing anecdotes related to his own partying over the years, including one where he woke up in Abraham Lincoln's bedroom after drinking with Barack Obama at the White House.