The Minnesota Court of Appeals has rejected the claims of five people who allege that they are half-siblings of Prince and therefore are entitled to share in his reported $200 million fortune.

Because the music star didn't leave a will when he died, there has been a tussle between his remaining family members about who has a claim to his fortune. Ultimately, his six surviving siblings had been named as his legal heirs, but five others - who claimed that John L. Nelson was not really Prince's father despite being married to his mother at the time of his birth, and that they were his half-siblings through other men - had brought their case to court.

They appealed a decision initially made by Judge Kevin Eide, who said that they did not have the right to claim shares to the late music icon's estate, but the decision was upheld by the Court of Appeals.

Two other would-be heirs are still waiting to have their appeals heard.

In short, a memo to rock stars: leave a will.