Mike Scaccia, guitarist for rock bands Ministry and Rigor Mortis, has died after collapsing on stage during a performance in Forth Worth, Texas, on Saturday night. He was 47.

Rolling Stone is reporting that Scaccia was playing at a birthday celebration for Rigor Mortis vocalist Bruce Corbitt when he collapsed. He had reportedly asked for the strobe lighting to be turned off moments before his collapse.

Scaccia was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead. His cause of death was listed by the medical examiner as a sudden heart attack brought on by heart disease.

Scaccia's death was confirmed on the official Ministry website. Al Jourgensen, the band's lead singer, wrote: "I just lost my lil' brother and my best friend. Mikey was not only the best guitar player in the history of music, but he was a close, close part of our family - and I just lost a huge chunk of my heart today.

Our lives are forever changed. Life without Mikey is like orange juice without pulp - kind of bland."