It has been a full ten years since Miley Cyrus reinvented herself with 'Wrecking Ball', ensuring that no pop fan will ever view a construction site in quite the same way.

The song and its video caused quite a stir at the time, with some people expressing concern for Cyrus - who had been in the music industry for quite a while at that point, as wholesome teen character Hannah Montana - and the path that she was taking.

One of them was the late Sinead O'Connor, who wrote a well-intentioned open letter to Cyrus expressing her concern and telling her 'You are worth more than your body or your sexual appeal' - but it wasn't received in good faith.

Instead, Cyrus lashed out at O'Connor and mocked her mental health issues, drawing parallels between her and Amanda Bynes.

The air was never cleared between them and as we know, the Irish icon is no longer with us.

However, Cyrus has now spoken about about the feud to mark 'Wrecking Ball''s 10th anniversary, telling ABC that she was too young to realise that O'Connor's advice was coming from a good place.

"I was expecting there to be controversy and backlash [about the song], but I don’t think I expected other women to put me down or turn on me, especially women that had been in my position before," she said. "This is when I’d received an open letter from Sinead O’Connor, and I had no idea about the fragile mental state that she was in, and I was also only 20 years old, so I could really only wrap my head around mental illness so much. All that I saw was that another woman had told me that this idea was not my idea."

She added: "Our younger childhood triggers and traumas come up in weird and odd ways, and I think I’d just been judged for so long for my own choices that I was just exhausted, and I was in this place where I finally was making my own choices and my own decisions, and to have that taken away from me deeply upset me. God bless Sinead O’Connor, for real, in all seriousness."

Watch the interview clip below:

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