She's the most talked about pop star in the world and tonight Miley Cyrus brings her Bangerz road show to Dublin for a sold-out show in The O2. The 21-year-old Cyrus has firmly left her PG Hannah Montana persona behind and now displays more skin at her live shows than Madonna did in the entirety of the 1980's but if you're one of the 9,000 or so paying customers in The O2 tonight , what exactly can you expect from the show?

Well, before all the twerking, tongue-sticking-out madness really gets underway, Miley will appear on stage by sliding down a giant replica of her own tongue (as you do) before, at various points of the evening, dancing with human-sized teddy bears, distributing Miley dollars to the first few lucky rows and - perhaps best of all - sings a song to giant effigy of her recently deceased dog Floyd. Basically, there will be more trippy visuals at this than you would have seen at Pink Floyd gig during their pomp.

Last night's Belfast show received criticism from Northern Irish periodical News Letter, who deemed the show's visuals too over the top and ultimately a detraction from someone who is a great performer with a fantastic voice, but this incarnation of Miley Cyrus (in harsh contrast to her Disney past-life) is a knowing amplification of a pop culture obsessed with sex and those who use it to sell records. We do expect to see more than a handful of wide-eyes parents not knowing exactly what they got themselves into tonight too, so listen for that on tomorrow edition of Liveline.

We'll have a full review of the gig tomorrow and we'll also be live tweeting throughout the show.

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