Miley Cyrus has embraced her roots, and brought back her alter-ego Hannah Montana for one night only.

Is Hannah Montana getting a revival? Stranger things have happened. But for now it looks like Miley Cyrus was just having fun with a blonde wig.

'Hannah Montana', which ran for four series between 2006 to 2011, started out with a fresh-faced Cyrus at the tender age of 13. It followed the life of high school student Miley Stewart who doubled as an international pop star with the swap of a wig. The children's TV series was a global success for Disney, and all culminated with its own movie in 2009.

Now, in a series of social media posts, Miley Cyrus has decided to return to where it all started for her, and has once again donned Hannah Montana's trademark blonde wig.


She then notified fans that all of the going back and forth is too much, so she's going to be "Hannah forever."


And so, the pop star went on a car journey... as her pop star doppelgänger. Of course, she cranked out her greatest tune, 'The Best of Both Worlds'.


Followed by Migos' tune 'Hannah Montana'.


What sparked off the whole charade by Cyrus may have been Lady Gaga. The 'Nothing Breaks Like a Heart' singer wished Gaga a happy birthday yesterday, and posted a throwback video of her talking about Hannah Montana lipgloss.


A Hannah Montana revival incoming or not, it was good to see Cyrus finally acknowledging her teenage past, which she has surpassed for many years. Here's hoping that if a revival does happen, that we won't have to endure Billy Ray Cyrus' questionable acting skills.

Miley Cyrus is set to star in an upcoming episode of 'Black Mirror' when it returns with a fifth season in the future.