If you're heading to Glasto this summer make sure to check who your neighbour is! Mick Jagger who, along with the rest of the Rolling Stones, will headline the festival has pledged to camp this year to get the full festival experience.

Speaking to Q magazine, he said: 'I've got nothing else to do on Glasto weekend, and I want to spend some time with my family and have a good time as well.'

The 69-year-old vocalist won't be relying on his two festival veteran daughters, Jade, 41 and Elizabeth, 29, to show him the ropes of Glastonbury - which he has never played before - and insists he will be finding his own 'cool places to go' away from the big crowds.

He explained: 'I don't need them to show me the cool places to go. I'm sure I can find some places of my own that are much cooler.

'Will I get hassled? Depends where I go. I think everyone will be pretty laid back.'

Mick claims he's no stranger to sleeping outside and gained heaps of experience when he was a youngster so he'll have no problem acclimatising to a tent. He said: 'We went camping all the time when I was a kid. Camping in France was our family holiday. And we brought baked beans with us as we didn't trust that fancy foreign food. We were so totally English.'

The Rolling Stones will take to the stage on June 29 after returning from a six-year hiatus for a series of concerts to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Mick previously said: 'Glastonbury is very important. It seems to be very important to my children - highlight of their year.'