Rolling Stones fans can rest easy this morning with the news that Mick Jagger is doing just fine.

Frontman of the Rolling Stones worried fans worldwide last weekend, with news that due to heart problems, Mick Jagger wouldn't be able to perform as part of the rock band's North American tour later this month. The result was that all tour dates have been postponed to accommodate Jagger's recovery time.

Now, having had successful heart surgery, Jagger is thankfully making a full recovery in hospital. The procedure is believed to have involved replacing one of the valves in his heart, and was performed in New York city just yesterday.

According to Billboard,  Jagger "will need to rest after completing the transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). The minimally invasive procedure allows Jagger to avoid major surgery -- doctors are able to repair the heart valve using a a catheter that accesses a major artery without opening the chest." Not as invasive as full-on heart surgery, the procedure currently sees Mick Jagger "recovering and in great health."

To allow for the emergency procedure, the Rolling Stones tour dates have also been rescheduled. Originally due to begin later this month on April 20th, running right through to July 29th, the revised dates are said to be announced for eager fans very soon.

For the time being, Jagger will be resting up in hospital for the next few days. Although it'll be a while before he performs on stage with fellow bandmates Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood again, let's give the iconic musician some shelter while he takes it easy.