If you've been wondering why 'Dreams', a song by Fleetwood Mac that was first released in 1977, has re-entered the charts, it has a lot (okay, everything) to do with TikTok.

One of the band's best-loved songs was recently used in a TikTok video that went viral.

TikTok user 420doggface208, aka Nathan Apodaca, made a video of himself lip synching to the song while drinking cranberry juice and cruising on a skateboard. As you do.

The clip's popularity caused a spike in streaming figures for the song, which clearly the band were happy about...

Much to everyone's surprise, however, Mick Fleetwood himself - drummer and founding member of Fleetwood Mac - joined TikTok yesterday just to recreate Apodaca's video (which has 4m likes on TikTok and counting). We can assume that the 73-year-old's not on a skateboard, though.

Sure what else would you be doing in a pandemic?