Having proven his worth as a singer and songwriter with both The Marshals and Television Room over the past five years, Michael John has also pegged himself as a master of reinvention. From bluesy garage-rock (the former) to melodic indie-pop (the latter), the Dubliner moves to folk-based troubadour terrain with first solo foray.

A simplistic affair of finger-plucked acoustic guitar and swoonsome harmonies (by way of subtle organic instrumentation), 'One in Five' is a gem of a debut. John's voice is, as always, a hidden weapon; his soulful hum sets him apart from the horde of contemporaries attempting a similar feat, but landing somewhere between 'trite' and 'boring'.

Above all else, these four songs are intricate, but not elitist. 'Devil in the Corner' embodies a balmy evening walk through woodland, 'Stars and Clover''s easygoing rise-and-fall is completely charming, and the title track and 'Silver' are poppy, more tightly-wound numbers that shuffle and bop all the way to the end of the summer. A sweet, simple fistful of songs that whets the appetite at the mere prospect of a full-length album.