The latest member of the Jackson dynasty is launching her musical career.

Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael, has teamed up with her partner Gabriel Glenn to form The Soundflowers, an alt-folk duo who will release their debut EP next week.

The duo met at a gig on LA's Sunset Strip where Glenn's rock band TrashDogs were playing, with Glenn explaining: "We showed each other songs and even wrote a few on the spot. Everything fit together so naturally, from our voices to our songwriting style. I had never met someone who fit so perfectly with my sound.”

A press release describes them as an "indie acoustic and folk with influences of blues, soul, bluegrass country and beach reggae".

Jackson, who was rumoured to have attempted suicide last year - which she has vehemently denied - has been vocal in defending he late pop star father's legacy after the 'Leaving Neverland' documentary last year.

There's no teaser of what The Soundflowers' self-titled EP - which is out on June 23rd - may sound like, but footage of them playing live together last year is online.