We caught up with Michael Bublé during his recent residency in Dublin's O2 where the Canadian crooner sounded off on a range of different topics, from the his impeding foray into fatherhood, his love of Ireland and the passing of fellow Vanouver native Cory Monteith.

As well as the above topics, Bublé also commented with his burgeoning friendship with One Direction and particularly Liam Payne and Mullingar man Niall Horan.

"I just talked to him this morning", he said when asked about Niall Horan. "He's a great kid. We talk a lot. Him and Liam are the two boys I chat with and it's actually really refreshing to see young guys like that get success and for them not to be dicks. It's probably a testament to where he comes from and his family."

Having sold in excess of 40 million records across the globe, Michael Bublé is all too aware of the trappings and pressures that present themselves when you achieve a certain level of fame. However, he thinks that the One Direction boys are handling themselves well.

"When you're famous, you don't owe anyone anything. But hopefully you realise that you should have a sense of some responsibility and looking up to you thinking what you do is cool. What I like is that these dudes are just being themselves. They're not trying to be too cool for school", he said. 

If a guy - an adult, which they are now - wants to go smoke a joint then good, go home and smoke a joint! Go be with your buddies. Does it need to be Instagram'd, do you need to show off that you're such a bad motherfucker? I like that they're just being kids, yet I feel from knowing them that they do have this sense that they don't have to try and prove that they're something really special - because they are. Cool is as cool does, in my book."