Justin Bieber's latest video will likely be the single most viewed piece of footage of the Canadian pop tyke to ever be released but it has nothing to do with his music career, after a Miami-Dade county judge has authorised the release of Biebs undergoing a urine test after his recent DUI arrest in Miami.

We presume by now that you're at least partially familiar with Bieber's legal troubles of late, ranging from the whimsical (egging his neighbour's house) to the far more serious (drag racing in a bleedin' Lambo on residential streets in Miami), after which Biebs was hauled away in handcuffs.

The latest hangover from that incident has come today after a judge ruled that video footage of Justin Bieber participating in a urine test will be released for public consumption, as per Miami's public records law which allows material used in a criminal case to be released to the media once it has been given to the defense legal team. Don't worry though, Bieber's unmentionables will be censored out.

Rather oddly, this won't be the first video of Justin Bieber relieving himself online, that honour goes to a clip of him ever-so-classily pissing in a bucket backstage at one of his gigs before verbally abusing a photograph of President Bill Clinton. Still though, media attorneys quoted by Rolling Stone maintained that Bieber's privacy will be maintained at all times but that there was concern over what "someone in the private sector might do", said attorney Scott Ponce.

Videos released last week showed Bieber - who is facing drunk driving, expired license and resisting arrest charges - undergoing a sobriety test and doing push-ups in his cell.

What are the odds of this video being the most viewed Justin Bieber video yet? We think they're VERY high (sort of like Justin himself on the night in question).