Ms. Thee Stallion has a rather eclectic CV; she's the inventor of the world renowned 'WAP', she had a gas cameo on Disney+'s 'She-Hulk' recently, and she dazzled during her performance at the "slap-gate" Oscars last March. Her next endeavor involves lending support for "hotties" who want to manage their mental health. What a queen.

She's already blessed the world with her music and now, she's launching her very own mental health initiative named after one of her song lyrics, "Bad Bitches Have Bad Days Too".

Megan herself is living proof of that sentiment. Last October as the world was dipping in and out of lockdowns over the pandemic, the musician opened up about her mental health struggles on the television show 'Peace of Mind With Taraji'.

She explained about how her mother's passing in 2019 lead her to seek help, "Now, in this space, I’ve lost both of my parents. So now, I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, who do I talk to? What do I do?’ And I just started learning that it’s okay to ask for help. And it’s okay to want to get therapy".

The site that launched over the weekend boasts the slogan "Bounce Back Like Bad Bitches Do" and offers resources including helplines, specified therapy for "Black Girls" and men, as well as contacts for LGBTQ therapists of colour.

According to Shea Jordan Smith, the rapper made the announcement to fans via email, sharing that "You know how much mental wellness means to me, so I created a hub with resources that can help when you might need a hand".

It's fantastic to see celebrities using their platforms for the greater good like this — Selena Gomez is another A lister to have kick-started a mental health initiative online.

Check out 'Bad Bitches Have Bad Days Too'.