It only took them forty years, but Meat Loaf's multi-million-selling 1977 album 'Bat Out of Hell' is finally being turned into a musical.

The album, which was written by composer Jim Steinman, is one of the best-selling albums of all time, with over 30 million copies sold globally since its release.

Now, Steinman is taking on the musical script for the album's 40th anniversary next year - and it'll (obviously) incorporate songs like 'Paradise By the Dashboard Light', 'Two Out of Three Ain't Bad' and 'You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth' - as well as Meat Loaf's biggest hit 'I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)', which is from 1993's 'Bat Out of Hell II' album.

'Bat Out of Hell: The Musical' is set to preview at the Manchester Opera House next February, before travelling to Canada - which means Irish fans have only a short distance to travel to see it. Casting is already underway. Meat Loaf - whose health has been cause for concern to fans in recent times, including an odd appearance on BBC's The One Show the other day - is not involved in the production.

The story is described as "a romantic adventure about rebellious youth and passionate love, set against the backdrop of a post-cataclysmic city adrift from the mainland."

Don't know about you, but we're in.