MCD today issued their report into the Swedish House Mafia concert which they promoted at Dublin's Phoenix Park in July and the accompanying anti-social behaviour which occurred before, during and after the event.

The concert, which took place on July 7th, was marred by numerous incidents, including two deaths as a result of drug overdoses and several non-fatal stabbings.

In the 188-page document, MCD are highly critical of the Gardai's role on the day saying that they "breached the duty of care concert-goers, the general public, local residents and the concert Promoters and staff" and that they had no "adequate strategy" to deal with some of the situations which developed over the course of the day.

MCD chief Denis Desmond was particularly critical of the Garda report released in the days following the concert stating that, not only did it contain several inaccuracies, but its release breached a prior agreement the Gardai had with MCD to co-operate on any further statements to the media. Desmond then stresses that the Gardai and MCD have always had - and will continue to have - an excellent working relationship.

The review goes on to allege that:

• Gardai were unaware or unfamiliar with the concert site and unable to transport prisoners from the site in a timely fashion.

• Gardai expressed no concerns with the concert planning prior to the event during several meetings, but were highly critical in the aftermath. MCD disputes the claim the Gardai were inadequately briefed.

• Gardai confirmed deemed the event to be high-risk and confirmed extra units would be on site, but these plans were cancelled without explanation on the day of the show.

• Gardai claimed that the concert site were unsuitable for their vans because of prior bad weather, but MCD says there were no problems for Emergency Service vehicles, ambulances, articulated trucks and heavy duty mobile construction cranes.

• Gardai turned a blind-eye to the widespread public drinking and drug-taking which was taking place at the concert site and its surrounding areas.

Elsewhere in the review, MCD put forth a series of suggestions as to how to ensure that the events of July 7th aren't repeated. These are wide-ranging, but include imposing limitations on bars near the concert venue, barring the sale of cheap alcohol and having a zero tolerance policy for any signs of anti-social behaviour.

You can read the full report on MCD's website.