Fittingly, Sir Paul McCartney is to write the soundtrack for the film adaptation of his children's book 'High In The Clouds.'

The film will be an animated adaptation of McCartney's 2005 story about Wirral the Squirrel, who goes on an adventure with a hot air ballooning Frog (imaginatively named Froggo), to find a new home for his family after his woodland home is destroyed by developers. It is to be directed by Lion King director Rob Minkoff, which must delight McCartney, as he's an all-time Disney fan.

McCartney was previously nominated for an Oscar after writing 'We All Stand Together' for 'Rupert and the Frog Song' back in 1984. Let's hope he does it again.

Since 'Rupert and the Frog Song' is one of my favourite childhood memories, I just couldn't resist putting this clip here for you all to fawn over nostalgically...