NME have gone and upset yet another musician - this time, it's Mark Ronson who's irked by the UK music publication.

Ronson wrote a MySpace blog on Monday, calling the people who worked for the mag 'morons' after a journalist had written him an email denying that they'd provided the bad review of his Glastonbury set.

He published the email on the net, which said: "Right. I don't normally give a shit about this kind of stuff, but seeing how I kind of know all of you people I just thought I'd point out that I had left Glastonbury and was on a bus when you played all your sets and so therefore didn't review any of your sets, despite the by-line in this week's nme claiming that I did. I got no problem with taking responsibility for my words, but I do have a problem taking responsibility for someone else's. I can't work out if I'm being a diva for caring or not. x"

Ronson's reply on the blog, which was titled 'THE NME IS FULL OF SH*T.. WHAT ELSE IS NEW', read: "My NME award for 2008's Best International Solo Artist will be on eBay as soon as the morons send it to me. I doubt the bidding will go that high and it makes an excellent doorstop."