She may see herself as the 'Queen of Christmas' due to the longevity of her 1994 hit 'All I Want for Christmas' - but Mariah Carey has lost her bid to trademark the title.

As you may recall, Carey launched a legal bid several months ago to trademark the title 'Queen of Christmas' and prevent other singers from using it (and in the process, make a lot of money from it via merch, etc.)

It seriously angered two other musicians, most notably Darlene Love (who sang on Phil Spector's classic Christmas album 'A Christmas Gift for You'), and Elizabeth Chan, a singer who releases only Christmas music and even released an album called 'Queen of Christmas'.

Now, however, it seems that Carey's bid to make the title her own has fallen at the first legal hurdle as the US patent and trademark office after a complaint was lodged by Chan that accused the pop diva of 'bullying'.

This is despite the fact that Carey recently published a children's book with an anti-bullying message called 'The Christmas Princess'.

Her lawyers called Carey's move “a classic case of trademark bullying” and a significant “overreach”. Carey's company, Lotion LLC, did not respond to the complaint in time, so she did not win the right to the trademark.

Still, given that 'All I Want for Christmas' continues to be a huge earner for her annually, she won't be too sad about it...