She may have gotten All She Wanted for Christmas (badum tish), but one thing Mariah Carey wasn't banking on was her social media being hacked.

The pop icon fell victim to a rather nasty hacker who infiltrated her Twitter account on New Year's Eve and posted a flurry of racist and offensive tweets.

Some of them mentioned Eminem; Carey has had a long-running feud with the rapper and the hacker tweeted: "Eminem can still hold this pussy…” and "Eminem has a little penis.”

The racist tweets included liberal use of the 'N' word, including “Merry Christmas You Dumb Ass N***as!

Carey's response, meanwhile, was short, funny and to-the-point:

However, she did not respond to the many tweeters who joked that Camila Cabello - who found herself in trouble after old racist posts of hers recently emerged - was responsible for the hack.