60-year-old Madonna has adopted a new name for her upcoming album.

'Madame X' is to be the name of Madonna's newest album, set to be released very soon. Not only is it to be the title of her 14th studio album, but it also appears to be her latest name for herself. Calling herself "Madame X", the 'Like A Prayer' singer has taken to social media to tease her follow-up to 2015's 'Rebel Heart'.

Fresh from rumours last week that she's set to make a special appearance at this year's Eurovision song contest (while still not 100% confirmed), Madonna has been teasing fans online recently with snippets of information of her new work. However, this is the first confirmation that we've received of her confirming new material. In the teaser which you can see below, Madonna speaks about her upcoming LP which she will release under her disguise as "Madame X".

Speaking over what is likely her newest single, she tells us "I decided to call my record 'Madame X'." After this, her voice-over says "Madame X is a secret agent. Travelling around the world, changing identities. Fighting for freedom. Bringing light to dark places. Madame X is a dancer, a professor, a Head of State. A housekeeper, an equestrian, a prisoner, a student, a mother, a child, a teacher, a nun. A singer, a saint, a whore. I'm a spy in the house of love. I'm Madame X."

Here's the full teaser for you, where you can see the iconic singer don plenty of costume changes in the 60-second clip. No release date has been announced yet.